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Part of The Irish Famine Memorial Boston
Part of The Irish Famine Memorial Boston

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Hand of History – Burden of Pseudo-History This book presents a Celtic Royal complex, unprecedented in Ireland for its size and layout, but similar to Belgic Centres of Power, called oppida by Caesar, in SE England and on the Continent. It was centered on Turoe in Co. Galway, site of the famous Turoe Stone. No one has satisfactorily explained why this finest example of La Tene Celtic stone art in all of Europe was set on the summit of Turoe hill (Cnoc Temhro) in the wilds of the West of Ireland. Here its hitherto unrecognised Celtic Royal Sanctuary trappings at the centre of a vast Belgic-like oppidum defensive system of linear embankments and its surprising connection with the Celtic invasion of Ireland are unfolded. Including an extensive album of maps and photos – Tom O’Connor. Hand of History

Clothing in Early Ireland
A total of seventeen articles on Irish clothing, illustrated with diagrams and re-enactment photos, including The Invention of Drawstrings and Pleated Sleeves, A 16th Century Irish Linen Headdress, Proof against the Existence of an Irish Kilt, The Moy Gown – An Irish Medieval Gown, Dyeing with Real Saffron, The Carnamoyle Stockings –16thc Knit Wool Hose, The Shinrone Gown, An Léine Crioch, The Dungiven Costume, The Kilcommon Costume. – Reconstructing History.

Costume in Co Clare
A fascinating illustrated excerpt from Mairead Dunlevy’s book,
Dress in Ireland: a Historyimage, including loan words from Norse for clothing items, incorporated into Gaelic, and the influence of English, Spanish and Dutch fashion during the Renaissance. Part of the Clare Library site.

Early Irish Tribes, Septs and Clans
With a Special Focus on Ancient and Medieval Irish Tribes and Septs. A detailed explanation of both mythological tribes and historical septs and clans, and also explaining the origins of many contemporary Irish names.Two pages, . see also

Ireland History in Maps
from the Ice Ages to the Years of the Famine
see also
Early Irish History and Saga
People, Place, and Province: Cross-Referencing the Annals and Genealogies
Part of the Kilkenny Genealogy and History site

Encyclopedia of the Celts
The main purpose in compiling an encyclopedia of this kind is to give the reader access to a fragment of the contents of some of the greater and lesser know works of Celtic literature; including works of mythology, legend, fiction and history. Most of the entries include contributions by two or more author’s on the same subject, leaving the reader the opportunity to formulate his/her own conclusions about or interpretation of the matter described. – the late Knud Mariboe, compiler of the encyclopedia. Hosted by Steven A. Culbreath of the Celtic Grounds site

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