Eileen Grey Brochure
Eileen Grey Brochure

[link to creative commons license photo credit: Robert Barney some rights reserved.]

Design for Industry the Industrial Design Consultancy and Product Design in the Republic of Ireland, by Dr. Paul Caffrey. –Circa Art Magazine.

Design History in Ireland
In assessing Design History in Ireland, it is necessary to trace its origins. by Lisa Godson. A CIRCA 89 Art Education Supplement –Circa Art Magazine.

Creative Ireland Creative Ireland is the online home for the creative Irish design community.

Vivid video on Gray’s work from xyzllii’s Channel

Eileen Gray – Design Museum
Neglected for most of her career, EILEEN GRAY (1878-1976) is now regarded as one of the most important furniture designers and architects of the early 20th century and the most influential woman in those fields. Her work inspired both modernism and Art Deco. In the August 1917 issue of British Vogue magazine a writer described the work of Miss Gray, a lacquer artist who had fled her home in Paris to seek refuge in London during World War I. “Influenced by the modernists is Miss Gray’s art, so they say,” it began. “But is it not rather that she stands alone, unique, the champion of a singularly free method of expression.” – Design Museum.

Eileen Gray: E-1027, Roquebrune Cap MartinLe Corbusier, arguably the greatest architect of the 20th century, was obsessed and haunted by E-1027, the seaside villa Eileen Gray built at Roquebrune Cap Martin in 1929. Text by Shane O’Toole. Part of the Archeire site.

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