Croghan Kinsella
Croghan Kinsella. North Wexford

photo credit: Philip Casey some rights reserved.

Counties of Ireland The Republic of Ireland is divided into 26 (traditional) counties.
Administrative Divisions of Countries (Statoids)

Irish Counties
an interesting site devised by St Cronan’s School giving the Irish counties, and also their names and meaning in Irish

Freisk!-Ireland – All the Irish Counties in photos Sébastien Rolland’s collection of photos from the thirty-two counties. has a growing collection of photographs of Irish Counties made by volunteers, the concept being to fill every OS grid square.
Supported by the UK Ordnance Survey and made available under a Creative Commons Licence.

Carlow 45 Places in, 95 Images of, Co. Carlow.
Cavan 28 Places in, 61 Images of, Co. Cavan.
Clare 89 Places in, 291 Images of, Co Clare.
Cork 244 Places in, 922 Images of Co Cork and Cork City
Donegal 234 Places in, 856 Images of, Co Donegal
Dublin 130 Places in, 673 Images of Co Dublin and Dubin City
Galway 87 Places in, 312 Images of Co Galway and Galway City
Kerry 254 Places in, 1166 Images of, Co Kerry
Kildare 47 Places in, 86 Images of, Co Kildare
Kilkenny 91 Places in, 247 Images of Co Kilkenny
Leitrim 17 Places in, 35 Images of Co Leitrim
Laois 30 Places in, 47 Images of Co Laois
Limerick 33 Places in, 73 Images of, Co Limerick and Limerick City
Longford 5 Places in, 7 Images of, Co Longford.
Louth 56 Places in, 180 Images of Co Louth
Mayo 97 Places in, 230 Images of, Co Mayo
Meath 70 Places in, 309 Images of, Co Meath
Monaghan 57 Places in, 227 Images of, Co Monaghan
Offaly 21 Places in, 51 Images of Co Offaly
Roscommon 12 Places in, 24 Images of, Co Roscommon
Sligo 38 Places in, 91 Images of, Co Sligo
Tipperary 40 Places in, 110 Images of, Co Tipperary
Waterford 54 Places in, 120 Images of Co Waterford and Waterford City

Westmeath 14 Places in, 35 Images of, Co Westmeath
Wexford 122 Places in, 338 Images of, Co Wexford
Wicklow 74 Places in, 186 Images of, Co Wicklow.

NB.There are many images for Northern Ireland [581 Places, 14535 Images] but as yet insufficient data to classify them into counties.
Ireland (general) [162 Places, 687 Images]

Wexford – View Wexford Anytime View Wexford through the camera eye – Live ! No matter where you are – Wexford itself, Dublin , London, New York , Sydney or Tokyo – you can see what is going on in Wexford live. –View Wexford Anytime

Waterford Places a detailed database at Waterford County Library

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