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Newgrange Entrance to Chamber
Newgrange Entrance to Chamber

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Sacred Island archaeology–Guided Tours of Ireland’s Ancient Sites

Significant Unpublished Irish Archaelogical Excavations for the period 1930-1997 The Heritage Council commissioned a survey of unpublished excavations for the period 1930-1997 (Doyle et al 2001). That survey examined the Heritage Service archive of reports on archaeological excavations and categorised 81 sites as being of national importance (Category 1) and a further 340 as being of regional significance (Category 2). Both categories were considered worthy of full publication. – Mary G. O’Donnell. The Heritage Council

Stones of IrelandA comprehensive guide to Irish megaliths and other ancient monuments. Part of a larger site on European megaliths and monuments – Stones

Symbolism of the Celtic Cross A discussion on Celtic Cross History and its Symbolism by Stephen Walker. See also his discussion on the Crosses of the Celtic RevivalWalker Metalsmiths Celtic Jewelry

Irish Bogs – from a rich past to no futureThe pictorial story told here is not just one of the nature of bogs but also one of human impact, past and present, and and its repercussions for the future of the peatlands. And sadly, most likely one of Ireland’s famous (and once infamous) landscapes is slowly dying.– Melange blog – Isria

The Main Irish Archaeological and Historical Journals The contents lists provided for some of these journals are based on the headings of the articles themselves rather than the contents pages. –Thaddeus C. Breen Irish Archaeology

Irish Culture

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