Retirement and me: ‘On my own with no pension’ Why one woman started a business at age 61

RETIREMENT is a time which many people look forward to. In a new weekly series, takes a look at how pensioners are spending their time and money in later life. Daily More...

BLUEWATER BIO: Wastewater firm’s global clean sweep

WATER treatment expert Bluewater Bio, whose cost-effective, eco-friendly technology turns sewage black spots into sweet clean ones, has begun a £28.6 million project in Bahrain. Daily More...

Pound euro exchange rate rises ECB sets up ‘strong’ stimulus package to boost Euro economy

The pound euro exchange rate edged to €1.094 this morning on speculation that the European Central Bank’s planned stimulus package will be bigger than initially expected. More...

Ricoh Ireland’s Document Production Centre proud to support LauraLynn’s fundraising activities

Ricoh Ireland announces that its Document Production Centre, located in Glasnevin in Dublin, supports LauraLynn’s fundraising activities by providing a dedicated print service More...

Diaceutics appoints Derek Hosty as Head of Global Data

Diaceutics PLC, a provider of data analytics and implementation services to the global pharmaceutical industry, announces that it has appointed Derek Hosty as Head of Global More...

Trump suffers huge embarrassment as he rages after new poll shows approval rating plummet

DONALD TRUMP lashed out on Twitter this weekend as he faced further humiliation after a new poll revealed he is on track More...

Cullen: We may ‘keep an eye’ on partying players

Leinster rugby coach Leo Cullen says they may be forced to send minders along to player nights-out, after last More...

Game of Thrones S8 Ep4 CONTROVERSIAL scene predicted Jon was ALWAYS destined for The Wall

GAME OF THRONES hero Jon Snow could never escape The Wall from the moment he did...

Ashley Graham praised for sharing stretch mark photo

The model is pregnant with her first baby. Showbiz:

Strictly dancers send love to Neil and Katya Jones after split announcement

The professional dancers had been together for 11 years and married for six. Showbiz:

Most popular Templemore auctions

Templemore on eBay: Waterford Vintage Templemore Pattern 7 Wine Glasses 6 1/4" with older acid mark $70.00End More...

Most popular Templemore auctions

templemore eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:..

Plea for NHS to give grandson wonderdrug after HEARTBREAKING cystic fibrosis diagnosis

A COUPLE stricken by cystic fibrosis tragedy and the loss of two sons have pleaded with NHS chiefs to secure More...

High blood pressure: Four foods to add to your diet to help lower blood pressure

HIGH BLOOD pressure can often be lowered simply by making dietary changes, removing the need for medication. Including these four foods..

Vitamin B12 deficiency: How do you know if you have anaemia? Symptoms to look out for

VITAMIN B12 deficiency anaemia can cause a wide range of symptoms, some of which can be very subtle. If left untreated..

Star Wars 9 Skywalker: ‘Rey is the female GOOD side of the Force’ Prepare for a backlash

STAR WARS 9 The Rise of Skywalker: Is Rey the salvation of the Force? Does she represent female balance against the..

Queen: Watch Freddie Mercury backstage at LAST ever show and EMOTIONAL message to fans

WATCH Queen icon Freddie Mercury joking around backstage at the band’s last ever concert. The band’s close bonds shine as Roger..

Family-friendly weekend: Warwick Castle offers a right royal time

SWOOPING silently, a barn owl glides within inches of the mesmerised crowds below. The heart-shaped face and pure, white underparts of..